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AIR PIRATE PRESS is a publishing collective devoted to genre titles, focussing on movies, comics and prose fiction. The collective comprises of a group of like-minded publishing professionals using this channel to bring uncommercial or vintage publishing projects to interested readers.


grimjack - Art of Brett EwinsAIR PIRATE PRESS began with The Art of Brett Ewins, a look at the life and work of the celebrated 2000AD artist and creator of Johnny Nemo and Deadline magazine. The project took three years to evolve, during which time, Ewins and editor Alan McKenzie constantly refined the text and the artwork selection until they had a package they could be proud of.


PUBLISHED IN JULY 2011, the book has enjoyed brisk sales and Ewins is currently working on new projects for the collective.


Harrison FordTHE NEXT PROJECT from Air Pirate Press was the revised and updated edition of McKenzie's 1985 book, The Harrison Ford Story. Originally published by Zomba Books, the text has been completely re-written and expanded from its original 35,000 words to 85,000, chronicling Ford's career from Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and adding further chapters covering the stretch from Witness right up to the present day and Cowboys & Aliens.


PUBLISHED IN OCTOBER 2011, The Harrison Ford Story is now available from and other online book retailers.


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