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The focus for Air Pirate Press will always be on books on fantasy-related subjects. Movies, art and comics will always be close to the collective's hearts. We've been discussing the idea of publishing fiction at The Press, but any such ideas are just in the talking stages.


Art of Brett EwinsWhen we set up Air Pirate Press in 2010, it was to publish book projects that we wanted to see, regardless of whether they were commercial or not. Too often in the past, we'd taken projects to publishers that somehow "weren't quite right" for the market and subsequently got a bit bent out of shape as helpful publishers and editors tried to force our square pegs into round holes.


Our first two peojects were not the sort of books you'd expect to see on sale at your local Tescos, but we figured that they'd be strong enough and appeal to a wide enough audience to at least get us started.


So with Brett's back catalogue of art, Alan's editing skills and a bit of design input from legendary 2000AD art director Steve Cook, we brought our first two projects to market.


There'll be more published in 2013, but for now, follow the links belowto see some details about our current books in print.


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Art of Brett Ewins
80 pages; 120 illustrations; in colour; £9.99
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Harrison Ford Story
204 pages; 16 illustrations; £8.99
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